Broncos’ 3 Most Likely Bowl Opponents

Boise State Football: Broncos’ 3 Most Likely Bowl Opponents

With the win against Colorado State last week, the Boise State Broncos quietly became bowl-eligible. With the high standards the program has set for itself, however, it is no wonder there has been little fanfare concerning the matter. Still, with just three regular-season games left on the schedule for Boise State, it seems only appropriate to initiate the bowl game opponent conversations.

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Red Sox Win World Series and Dominate Social Media

Hey check this article : Red Sox Win World Series and Dominate Social Media – Social Times (blog) on Socialtimes

Just before the World Series got underway, we shared an infographic about how to connect with the teams. It was clear from the beginning that the Red Sox had a winning strategy for social media engagement and, in the end, they took the 2013 World Series Championship title as well.

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Boise Printing Service ESP knows why you prefer certain colors.

Boise printing Service experts at ESP Printing and Mailing know that COLOR influences object preference in many situations. Have you ever wondered why some people prefer certain colors while other people do not? The Boise printing team understands that certain colors can stimulate the mind, recall memories, cause people to relax, and even make some people stressed out or angry. That is the reason you need to work with our team when you want to design, print, and mail your next direct marketing campaign.

“Color preferences are deeply rooted emotional responses that seem to lack any rational basis…”

Here is a great article I found about psychology and color published by R. Douglas Fields in The New Brain. 

The current Food and Drug Administration concern that artificial food dyes could increase hyperactivity in children and cause other health hazards raises a simple question:  Why do we put these things in our food?   These artificial chemicals have no food value.  They are not added for the chemical reactions they produce.  They are added to food simply because the chemicals are colorful.  The explanation for this behavior must be rooted in biology or psychology. Would you drink brown tomato juice?  If given a choice, most likely you would refuse the brown tomato juice in favor of the same stuff doped with an artificial chemical that stains the juice bright red.  Even though you know that the brilliant red color of tomatoes fades with time after caning, and you know the red colored artificial chemical does nothing for taste or nutrition, you can’t help yourself from consuming the adulterated juice instead of the faded colored juice in its natural state.  Is this rational? Color preferences are deeply rooted emotional responses that seem to lack any rational basis, yet the powerful influence of color rules our choices in everything from the food we eat and the clothes we wear to the cars we buy.  For some people, owning a green car is unthinkable.  These shoppers will gladly pay hundreds of dollars more to obtain the vehicle in a different color, or they will reject the green car and select an entirely different automobile in a color they favor.  We all do this even though the color has absolutely no influence on the performance of the automobile.  Yet oddly, someone else will feel exactly the opposite about buying a green car.  These individuals will gladly pay a premium to purchase a vehicle in the shade of green they adore.  We like to think of ourselves as being rational, but in fact we are ruled by the unconscious and mysterious power of color.  Where do our color preferences come from? In an essay in 1973, Biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, famously observed that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”  Psychologists Stephen Palmer and Karen Schloss of UC Berkeley, apply this viewpoint to the question of color preference in an article published in 2010 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.  They tested the theory that human color preference is adaptive; that is, people are more likely to survive and reproduce successfully if they are attracted to objects with colors that “look good” to them, and they will avoid objects with colors that “look bad” to them.  The idea is that the more experience-based feedback that a person receives about a particular color that is associated with a positive experience, the more the person will tend to like that color.  They proposed that in general, people should favor colors associated with clear sky and clean water (blue and cyans for example) and be repulsed by colors associated with negative reactions (brown, for example, which is associated with rotting food and feces.) To test this, they studied 48 participants who were asked to rate 32 colors in terms of how much the participant liked the color.  The results showed that brightly saturated colors were preferred over the same hues that were muted or pastel, but not all colors were equally favored.  Brown and olive green were significantly less preferred than orange or yellow.  Bright reds, blues, and green, were the most higly favored colors.  The results of the study produced a sort of “color wheel” ranking of the 32 colors, but it’s not the color brown that repels us from drinking brown tomato juice.  Brown colored chocolate milk does not evoke the same psychological revulsion.  The problem with this test is that the colors were not associated with objects. The researchers then showed 74 subjects each color swatch against a gray background and asked them to write as many descriptions as they could about objects that typically have this color.  Brown might be associated with dirt, or red associated with an apple, for example.  This now produced an association between 222 objects and their colors.  98 other participants then read the 222 object descriptions in black text on a white background and were asked to rate how appealing each object was to them.  No color was mentioned.  For example, an apple might rate higher in appeal than dirt.  Now the researchers had a ranking of how appealing 222 objects were from one group, and a ranking of colors that had been associated with the objects by an independent group. Now the researchers showed 31 new observers the written descriptions of the objects together with a color to which that object had been given, and asked them to rate the strength of the match between the color and the described object on the screen.  The “color wheel” preferences produced by deriving the colors from the relative preferences for the objects that had these colors, matched perfectly with the first group’s “color wheel” preferences that were produced on the basis of looking at pure swatches of color without any object associated with them.  The conclusion is that color preferences derive from our preference for the objects that typically have these colors. But is this color preference hard-wired by evolution or learned?   Interestingly, the researchers found that Japanese color preferences were different from American preferences, suggesting a cultural influence on color preference. Colors influence object preferences in many situations in modern life, for example house paint, clothes, and furniture.  Our individual preference for a particular color associated with these objects (a living room wall or an automobile) will be produced and reinforced by the positive feedback associated with the object and the color it has.  Everyone has a somewhat different life experience, and so as people increasingly experience pleasure in something they bought in a particular color, they will tend to chose similar objects in the future with the same color.  This leads to a self perpetuating situation. So if you had never seen anything but brown tomato juice, these results predict that you would shun the red-stuff in favor of the brown.  In fact, you would welcome the food manufacturers doping your drink with an artificial chemical to make it even browner.

Boise Printing Services – Printing Industry is a Green Industry.

Boise Printing and Mailing Service providers at ESP think you should know some interesting things before you choose your nest marketing strategy. Some are just fun facts and others may change your mind about how you advertise your business.  Did you know these facts about the following global industries?

  • The Music, Movie, and Video Game Industries combined are a $164 billion dollar industry.
  • Network Marketing is a $167 billion dollar industry.
  • The Automobile Industry is a $432 billion dollar industry.
  • Online Advertising is a $47 billion dollar industry

BUT even more amazing than these numbers is what Boise Printing and Mailing Service, ESP wants you to know about the printing industry.  According to a recent press release from, the printing industry is a $640 BILLION dollar industry and drives an additional $3.8 TRILLION in related services while as you can see above, the online ad industry by itself is $47 billion. Think of how you could use both print and online marketing to reach your customer and generate more revenue!

Business printing grows 6.8% annually world wide and 45 trillion pages are printed annually. While that seems like a lot of paper, it is also true that 70% of print advertisements are printed on recycled paper, 60% of the power needed to print is supplied by on-site renewable energy sources, and 50 million tons of the paper is recovered annually from recycling.

You might be wondering, “How does PRINT GROW TREES?

Print and Tree advocate, Kerry C. Stackpole, CAE President of Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic (Print Grows Trees), says, “Nearly 60 percent of these forests are privately owned, and as owners age, this land is being divided, sold and transferred at an alarming rate, often for urban development. The critical question we need to ask is: How can we help private landowners hold on to and sustainably manage these rich ecosystems that supply us with clean air and water?”

The fact is that when landowners have a financial incentive, they will grow more trees to replace the ones they cut down and even where there currently are no trees. There are a lot of misconceptions out there. Many believe that by using less paper, trees will be saved, when the facts show that print on paper actually helps to grow trees and keep our forests from being sold for development.

I hope you take some time and do more research about the benefits of printing. Look at your next campaign with both a financial and environmental point of view. Continue to come back to this blog to find out more information about printing at Boise Printing and Mailing Service, ESP.

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Setting up a direct mail campaign will get your message in front of your target audience.

The explosion of online marketing combined with traditional direct mail advertising can cause communication overload. Did you know that the average consumer may hear or see as many as several thousand marketing messages every day? Boise Printing & Mailing experts here at ESP Printing and Mailing want to help business owners overcome the ground noise. In order for this to happen, it is important to include direct mailing marketing in your advertising strategies.

Boise Printing Experts at ESP can lead you in developing a marketing campaign that uses the color, shapes, and fonts that will appeal to your target audience. The use of direct mail has shown significant positive feedback when it comes to measuring the response rates of cross-media marketing campaigns. Direct mail is most effective when it drives the customer to a website or landing page. According to a recent statistic, consumers who were sent a printed catalog or postcard about the magazine’s website not only spent more time on the website, but also purchased 28% more of the product on average than customers who were not mailed a printed catalog or postcard.  Something as simple as direct mail postcards can help build a business when integrated with online marketing tools too.

Here is a great way to use Boise’s Direct Mailing Service at ESP to integrate your marketing campaigns. Think about it… Because email addresses are a cost-effective way to keep tabs on your current and potential customers and clients, use a postcard campaign to collect email addresses and other basic information.   Several popular email services will even allow you to track webpage openings and clicks. This makes it possible for you to track your campaign’s effectiveness. Remember, you can’t track email responses without obtaining email addresses and a direct mailing is a great way to reach out to potential customers.

Here are two reasons why you should partner with Boise Printing and Mailing Service at ESP Printing and mailing:

1. Our team has the ability to target the ideal consumer. Few products and services are attractive to everyone. By outlining the characteristics of a company’s best customers, a model of who best to target in a direct mail campaign can be achieved. This could mean you targeting by gender, age, income level, and more, allowing a mailing campaign to reach the people who might be most receptive.

2. Increase your responses While yes online marketing strategies are awesome, great response rates of cross-media marketing campaign consistently point to the necessity of direct mail. This is because direct mail continues to be opened at greater rates than email advertisements.

Whether you are in the marketing business or are a business owner looking to grow your company, ESP Printing and Mailing knows that marketing strategies that integrate both direct mail and online advertisements is the best way to influence response rates.

Color Printing – Whats your color strategy?

Boise’s color printing and mailing service – ESP wants to make  sure your color choices for your next print advertisement are doing  your campaign justice. Many people don’t realize that the colors you  use for a color printing advertisement are more important than the actual wording  of the advertisement. The reason for this is the colors capture the  attention of the reader and then sparks the interest in them to read  your advertisement. After doing more research about this, I learned  that psychologists have suggested that color can actually account for  60% of the acceptance or rejection of product or service.  For  advertising purposes, it is extremely important to design your advertisements  in a way that appeals to your target market. Try to choose colors that  will compliment the message and idea you are sending to your potential  consumers. Here are some things that Boise’s printing company –  ESP wants you to know as you develop your next printing and mailing  campaign.


RED is a color that symbolizes action,  warmth, power, aggression, excitement, drama, fire, blood, passion,  love, danger, anger, and heat. It is a highly visible color that will  always attract attention. Red will also stimulate several emotions.  Stop signs have trained us to stop and look when we see red. So it is  only natural to want to stop and look at a red billboard. Studies show  that people in casinos gamble more in red rooms than room with any other  colors. Red is also a good color for automobiles sales, pet shops, pasta  shops, pizzerias, and restaurants. However, the color red is not recommended  for medical companies because it signals bad health, blood, and emergencies.  Red is also the color accountants use to show that they have a negative  cash flow.

ORANGE is a vibrant and fun color. It improves  mental clarity, promotes warmth and happiness. Orange also increases  the oxygen’s flow to the brain. Contentment, fruitfulness, and wholesomeness  are qualities that are also associated with orange. The color orange  can help an expensive product seem more reasonably priced. It is the  perfect color for products that appeal to a wide variety of people.  Orange is an appetite stimulant. It is a good color choice for vitamin  shops, Mexican restaurants, dance clubs, and products that target Latin  and French people.

YELLOW is a perfect color for sunny, happy,  bright, cheerful, playful, easygoing, and optimistic advertisements.  Ideal for florists, candy shops, toy stores, amusement parks, and discount  stores. Yellow is the first color the eye processes. It is also the  most visible color to the human eye. This is why it grabs attention  faster than any other color. Yellow is also a color of caution. Most  yellow road signs are warning drivers of a problem in the road or with  the on-coming traffic. This is just another reason why yellow grabs  our attention quickly.

GREEN symbolizes life, nature, environment,  youth, money, renewal, hope, and power. It is a color that soothes people,  reduces pain, and makes us feel safe. Since green traffic lights have  conditioned us to go forward or to enter places, it makes us feel welcomed.  This is a great quality for any product or service. Yellow-green is  not a wise color for food advertisements because it is an appetite depressant.  Light green calms people. That is why most walls in jails, schools,  waiting rooms, and hospitals are light green. Green is a great color  for financial advisors, banks, and accountants because it signals money.  It is also good for outdoor products because it gives consumers a natural  outdoor feeling. The color green can be used for green houses, vegetable  stands, landscaping, and farmers because it signals life.

BLUE makes people feel calm, relaxed,  tranquil, peaceful, wise, loyal, and trustworthy. It helps people accept  themselves and resolve their problems. The color blue also helps increase  productivity. On the other hand, the color blue can also symbolize sadness,  and depression. Blue is definitely the most popular color of both men  and women. Several well-known corporations use blue in their logos.  It is a great color choice for travel agencies, pool companies, masseurs,  doctors’ offices, pharmacies, medical supply companies, motels, psychologists,  and weight-loss centers.

PURPLE is a sophisticated, creative, luxurious,  and wealthy color. It is also associated with royalty. A bluish shade  of purple tends to create mystery, while a reddish shade of purple is  sensual, and creative. Purple with a red tint will get more attention. Purple is hard for some people (mainly  men) to see. However, it is a great color for artists, elaborate restaurants,  clothing stores, book stores, art galleries, night clubs, magicians,  photographers, country clubs, golf courses, jewelry stores, beauticians,  and fortune tellers.

BROWN symbolizes coffee, lumber, and earth-tone  products. It is a reliable, solid, strong, mature, and comfortable color.  Brown is now considered a rich and robust color. The color brown is  an excellent color for hardware stores, coffee houses, craft shops,  herbal shops, health food stores, male haberdasheries, cabinet shops,  western stores, contractors, clock shops, and carpenters.

BLACK symbolizes power, prestige, elegance,  style, reliability, simplicity, and sophistication. The color black  is more about attitude than anything else. It is a trendy color that  keeps consumers up to date with technology. It is also a very informative  color. Black used to be viewed as the color of death, witches, demons,  and evil. However, this perception is declining. Black is a great color  choice for music shops, accountants, lawyers, electronic stores, and  tire stores.

WHITE symbolizes purity, cleanliness, virtue,  innocence, and freshness. The color white is a great choice for bridal  shops, weddings, religious groups, daycare centers, medical facilities,  wineries, dentists, catering companies, bakeries, museums, historical  sites, bed and bath shops, dry cleaners, and cleaning services.


I think it is fascinating how things  like colors, shapes, and size can be so complex. You could pick  3 colors and use them in different orders, shapes, and sizes and it  will bring to mind 3 completely different emotions or reactions. So, once you have selected the right color(s) for your small business, get  a hold of us here at ESP Printing and Mailing in Boise and we will assist you in creating your next  printing and mailing advertisement that will be sure to catch the eye of your future customer.


Boise Print & Direct Mail Services Increase ROI and Guarantees Quality Customer Care.

How well are you planning your next print and direct mail advertisement – one of the best marketing tools offered at ESP Boise Printing & Mailing

A common misconception held by small business owners about direct marketing is that it is not as effective as email marketing or online advertisements. Direct mail marketing is stronger now than ever because your competition likely focuses entirely on digital marketing.

Use Boise Mailing Services at ESP to create a strategic approach to direct mail marketing that will yield exceptional results for your business. Your mailing list, design style, printing format, and timing all have a direct impact on your return on investment. Here are some results from a recent survey:

  • 72% of people like to receive direct mail telling them about new offers.
  • 70% are satisfied to receive direct mail that rewards their loyalty.
  • 61% of people welcome direct mail that provides useful information to them.

In addition, when people receive direct mail advertisements that have a coupon for food, the response rate can be an average of 30% to 50% more than that of direct mail without a coupon.

According to an article written by Allison Schiff at, the Direct Marketing Association announced that response rates from direct mail are a 37 times more effective than email marketing. What a big difference!

As I was recently going through some newsletters and print advertisements that were completed using ESP’s Boise printing & mailing services, I found an article written earlier this year by Carl Barley, writer and editor for the Trans World Airlines (TWA) Skyliner Senior News Letter. In reference to printing and mailing of the newsletter he stated,

“From 2005-2010 the total yearly cost of our Skyliner averaged about $18,000.00. Our total Skyliner cost in 2011 was $12,677.00, a decrease of roughly $5400.00 over previous years. This of course was a result of changing the Skyliner mailing from our previous Presorted First Class to Presorted Standard…” 

WOW! 30% is HUGE savings! It just so happens that ESP Printing & Mailing in Boise is Responsible for that savings. TWA uses Boise’s Printing & Mailing services at ESP because they know the value of our work, and the dedication our team has to our customers in delivering the best quality from start to finish. This quality applies to the physical printing and processing of your direct mail advertisement, as well as to the care we provide in getting you the best deal possible.  I can’t wait to hear from you so ESP can get your business ahead of the rest!

-Sara D.



CREATIVE MAIL: Boise’s ESP Printing and Mailing Gets Creative in Marketing Your Business.

ESP Printing and Mailing in Boise, Idaho is excited to help you and your business conceptualize an effective direct mail marketing campaign. Under new and local ownership, ESP Printing and Mailing is ready to get right down to business and develop a partnership with you in promoting and creatively marketing your business.

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “marketing” happens to be email, social media, or on-line advertisement, it is time to reconsider your current strategy and do a great service to your business by printing your direct mail advertisement. Click on and check out this graph below.


The team here at ESP Printing and Mailing will make sure your business gets inside your customer’s mail box and into their home. Personally, when I get an email advertisement, many times I delete it just to clean up my inbox from potential “junk mail” BUT, when I get that eye catching postcard, catalog, or flyer in my mailbox, I always read through it. If it has a great deal attached to it offering something at a discounted rate that is related to something that would interest my own family, I’m instantly SOLD and I will usually pass on the news to others. Our team here at ESP Printing and Mailing wants to  help you leave a memorable footprint in your customer’s mind because again, when your customer holds your direct mailing in their hand, the results are significantly greater than what would result from just reading an email or an online advertisement.

Here is another idea that would definitely increase the traffic to your business. Add a “hook” to the content of your direct mailing that says something like, “Bring us this postcard for a free…” or, “Use the following promo code to receive a discount on our…” You will actually be able to measure the return of your efforts. That would be very satisfying to any business owner. How are you going to get your desired audience to use your services? What strategy will be most effective to bring your desired customer directly to you?


Give us a call or come in and meet us so we can give you a free quote and get those creative wheels of effective marketing turning today. Our ESP Printing and Mailing sales team are also ready and available to come meet you at your place of business. You decide. Whether it be printing, fulfillment, mailing, or choosing a mailing list that best fits your own business needs, ESP Printing and Mailing is ready with a highly trained staff that is full of energy and ready to assist you throughout the printing and mailing process from start to finish. I am confident that through your efforts and accompanied by our team here at ESP, you are sure to reap immeasurable rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Lets get started today!

-Sara D.