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Custom Printing Boosts Marketing Efforts

Running a business means overcoming various daily challenges. One of the biggest challenges is how to most effectively market your business. Custom printing brings many options to the marketing table that may have been previously overlooked. By surrounding your prospects, you’ll have the best chance to win their business. Here are some printing-based marketing ideas you may have overlooked.


Brochures represent our company, our products, our culture, when we are not there to do it ourselves. They must clearly communicate ideas while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time. There are a variety of sizes and formats available depending on your needs. A trade-show handout may be completely different than an informational brochure left available at a third-party location. Someone from the company will likely engage with a prospect at a trade-show while the standalone brochure will have no one available to explain the content. The design of each brochure depends on its intended purpose.


Presentation folders provide a professional “reminder” of your visit once you’ve left the meeting or appointment. For instance, if a hardwood floor refinishing company were to leave a polished, professional folder filled with relevant information with a customer after providing an in-home quote, they’ll have an advantage over companies that simply leave a business card. You’ve taken the extra step for the customer and they’ll appreciate it!


One of the best ways to KNOW that someone sees your message is by using door hangers. Most of us have seen them on our homes at one time or another. You get home and a lawn care service, or a pest control company has left a door hanger with a special offer on your front door. It stands out from regular mail because it is the only (hopefully) piece of marketing material on your front door! High visibility improves your chances of being contacted.


Often over-looked, professional calendars are a great way to maintain your presence all year long! Prospects that aren’t in the market for your services today, may need your services a few months down the road. Staying “top of mind” through a beautifully designed calendar is a great way to stand out from the competition.

If you need help with any promotional printing projects, contact ESP Printing & Mailing today at 208-345-4644 to speak with one of our designers. You’ll be amazed what we can do to help your business!