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Exciting New Technology in the Printing Industry

As the world has changed over time, there are many people who don’t engage with hard copies of documents daily. That has led many people to think that the print industry is somehow in trouble. However, there are still occasions in which you absolutely need hard copies. When dealing with an automobile issue, for example, you need to be able to print documents for the department of motor vehicles. Titles, registrations, and proofs of insurance are still issued in hard copy. However, fewer people have printers. That can make it more difficult than ever to get something printed even though you might be more connected than ever. This is where your local print shop can help!

Mobile Printing Kiosks

Printing kiosks are an exciting solution to the problem of not having enough printers. Oftentimes, you’ll have some document or something on your phone or laptop that you need someone to sign. For that, you need to have it printed. If you don’t have a printer on a wireless connection, you might feel out of luck. Fortunately, many companies are creating printing kiosks. These are small stations where you can connect and print. They’re like ATMs for printing. The idea is for the kiosks to be installed in other stores such as gas stations or convenience stores.

Ink Tank Printing

If you’ve worked with an inkjet printer at your home or at your office, you know that they take cartridges of ink. A laser printer takes cartridges of toner. However, new printers are working from what is called ink tank technology. Instead of installing individual cartridges, the printer has a tank that can be filled up. It’s like a gas tank for your car but an ink tank for your printer. These tanks can hold considerably more ink than a cartridge. They also eliminate the need for all those plastic cartridges. They reduce the price of refilling ink or toner, which can reduce the cost of printing.

Mobile Printing

These days, you can order just about anything from your phone. If you can’t have it delivered, you can order it and go pick it up. The same is true for your prints. Many print shops are moving towards a system in which you can email or SMS what you need printed. They’ll print it in the manner you need and then you go pick it up. That will cut down on the amount of time you spent in the print shop; it also makes it easier for you to take your work from online to hard copy.