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Four Tips For Saving Money at the Print Shop

If you run a small business, or if you are just in need of a large print job, you’re likely worried about costs. Printing can be very expensive depending on your needs. If you are investing in the future and you do a lot of printing, it could be most economical to buy your own printing hardware. However, that’s not viable for someone doing a one-off job or who doesn’t have the liquid capital to invest. In that case, you’ll be headed to the printing shop. There are a few things you can do to keep your prices under control.

1 – Put as Much as Possible on One Page

The first thing you should do is look at what you’re printing for inefficiencies and wasted space. For example, if you’re printing a long booklet or manual, you might be able to reduce the font a little bit. If you reduce the font one or two points in a 100 page manual, you can reduce the number of pages by as much as 10%. That will save you 10% on your printing costs. Also, look for ways to compress different things into smaller spaces.

For example, if you have charts and graphs in your printing job, you might be able to shrink those down considerably while keeping them legible.

2 – Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is the act of printing information on both sides of a single page. Depending on how your print shop charges, they might charge you less to print on both sides of a page. That has the side benefit of saving the environment and reducing how much printed material you have to carry!

3 – Change the Font

Changing the font is different than just changing the size of the font. Each font is more than just the shape of the letters; different fonts have different letter widths and different amounts of space between each letter. If you can reduce the width of the letters and the space between them, you can save a significant amount of money. In fact, a study once found that a company printing 250 pages a week can save upwards of $80 a year simply by changing from arial to century gothic.

4 – Print in Black & White

Typically, color copies and prints cost more than printing in black and white. If you make that simple switch, you can save a considerable amount of money with very little effort.

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