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Local Printers Versus Online Printers: Why Local Is Best!

As business owners, you have many, many options when it comes to your printing needs. One decision that you make regularly is whether to use a local printer. Using a local printer has many benefits over using an online service provider.  Here are three reasons why it’s better to go local!


Like most of us, you’ve probably overlooked an important deadline from time to time and needed a print job done immediately. When you work with a local printer, you build the relationships necessary to earn the right to ask for a little help when this occurs. You can speak directly to the person you work with regularly and explain why this print job is so important. As a member of your local community, they’ll likely understand your dilemma. Try doing that with an email to a giant online printer. It’s doubtful you’ll get that same type of understanding.


Local businesses employ your friends and neighbors. When you work locally, you’re investing in your community’s overall business health and welfare. Small local businesses are the nation’s largest employer. You can help play a role by working with local businesses whenever possible. One study showed that 48 per cent of each purchase at a local business remained in the community!


When you work with someone face-to-face, you often get better service. It’s much easier to explain your needs and situation to a person than it is through a phone call or an email. A 2014 article on Forbes.com said, “you should expect that a smaller business will deliver stronger customer service.” This is due to their personal commitment to their business. Many times, you’ll work directly with a business owner rather than a representative of the company.

There are many reasons to use local businesses for your printing needs. These are just a few! Try reaching out to a local, high-quality print service in your community next time you need quality work done on time and on budget.