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The Most Effective Signs You Can Print

If you are running a charity drive, a political campaign, or any type of advertising campaign, you’ve likely thought of using yard signs. They’re ubiquitous whenever a political season begins. However, the question always remains about their effectiveness. Do signs work? There’s only so much information that you can put on a sign.

Yard Signs Work

The short answer is that yard signs work as long as you are realistic about your expectations. You won’t be able to impart lots of knowledge from a yard sign. You’re oftentimes looking to capture the attention of someone driving by. That means you have maybe a second or two to let them know what they need to know. That’s why a few things are very important.

You need to make sure that the sign is in a font that is easy to read from far away and at a fast pace. A sans serif font is ideal because there are no frills to distract you. Letters with serifs can run together or look like other letters. The central message of the campaign should be centrally located and in the largest font. That’s why political campaign signs often have the candidates name in the center in the biggest font. There is also a call to action. In a political campaign, the call to action is generally what office the person is running for and a simple call for you to vote. A charity campaign might ask that you donate.

Hire the Right Sign Company

Hiring the right printing company for your signs is of the utmost importance. The right sign is a well-made sign. The sign needs to have bright, vibrant colors as well as clear fonts. It needs to be easy to see and easy to read. A yard sign will likely face the elements unless you keep it inside. To be most visible, it obviously needs to be in a yard. That means it may face wind, rain, sun, and snow. It needs to hold up against those elements for the duration of your campaign. If your sign fades, tatters, or otherwise wears down, it might hurt your image. Those driving by will link your campaign with the tattered signs. Bright, vibrant signs are easy to read and send the right message. ESP Printing and Mailing is your Boise sign printing company!

You need to choose a company that has a history of printing great signs. It’s ideal if they also print other types of flyers, signs, and advertisements. That will allow you to bundle all of your campaign materials.