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Three Questions to Ask at Your Local Print Shop

Going to the local print shop is a pretty common occurrence for a business owner or for anyone who needs to complete large print jobs. Day to day printing is often handled by a home or office printer; however, the local print shop can be a life-saver. They do large format printing, high quality printing, and bulk printing. Therefore, you should have a few questions ready to go before walking in to your local printer. This may help you save some money and some time.

Does Your Print Shop Offer Bulk Pricing?

Print shops are not designed only for businesses; they cater to print jobs of all sizes. However, small businesses often get the most bang for their buck from the local print shop. So, when you go there, you should ask about bulk pricing. Oftentimes, you can get a lower price per page if you choose to buy in bulk.

Similarly, you should ask about printing on the front and back of the pages. Some shops will charge you a reduced rate if you print on both sides of the paper. Asking these simple questions could make a huge difference in your business printing costs.

Do You Have Recycled Paper?

Many businesses like to use recycled paper in their printing as well. Recycled paper has a lower impact on the environment. 100% recycled paper does not require a single tree to be cut down to be turned into paper. However, more commonly there is a limited amount of recycled paper included in the environmentally-friendly option. This is generally categorized as a certain percentage of “post-consumer” materials.

Can This Be Composted?

In many cities and at many offices, composting has become a common occurrence. Discarded food and paper from the office will be piled into a compost bin to turn into beneficial fertilizer. It is an incredible addition to any lawn or garden; also, it reduces methane and carbon emissions at landfills. Paper can often be composted since it is made from plant fibers. The inks that containvolatile organic compounds (VOCs) do not compost nearly as well. However, many printing shops have moved to vegetable inks that biodegrade.

These things can improve the pricing and the environmental impact of your printing visit. They’re not the only things you need to ask at a printing shop, but they’re a good start. Talking with the staff behind the counter is important; they’re there to help you. So, don’t be shy.